Sewing Ghibli

Hello all!

Its been far too long since my last post! But I am determined to start writing more and expressing my Ghibli opinions (and other musings) to the world.

In the past year I have rediscovered a passion for designing and sewing. It all started with my friend who wanted some bunting making. So armed with my trusty sewing machine, I got to work, and was taken aback with how much I enjoyed these little projects. A year later, I have started my own online shop, and sold my handmade items to people around the world!

So with this new found passion, I decided to combine this with my all time favourite love; Studio Ghibli. I hope you all like them!

If you want to check out my shop, or even want a lovely Ghibli treasure for yourself, dont hesitate to get in touch!

My Etsy online shop!

20120814-125717 PM.jpg

20120814-125727 PM.jpg

20120814-125734 PM.jpg

20120814-125744 PM.jpg

20120814-125749 PM.jpg


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