Mei and the Kittenbus

During my time at the Ghibli museum I got the chance to see one of the short films that was made especially for it. I had always hoped that it would have been Mei and the Kittenbus, as for years I have been eager to see it. So I was thrilled to learn that it was on during the Easter times!

The short film focused upon the younger sister of the Totoro story, Mei, after one day she discovers a strange gust of wind that is trapped inside the house. She tries her hardest to capture it, and finally after a few attempts, the kittenbus is revealed.

The Kittenbus

The Kittenbus

To tempt the kittenbus into playing with her, and to stop it from running away,  Mei gives it some of her caramel candy, and from here their friendship is sparked.


From here, the kittenbus takes Mei on a journey to the forest near their home. While they are flying through the air, you see all of the other catbuses taking other silhouetted Totoros to the same forest.

Catbus and Kittenbus

Catbus and Kittenbus


The kittenbus then shows her the biggest Catbus that lives there. He is like a home for all the other Totoros, a place where they all gather.


And in the final part of the story, Mei sees a familiar umbrella coming through the crowds of other silhouetted Totoros.


No doubt one of the cutest short films that I have ever seen. It brings with it the recognisable warm feeling that most Ghibli films come with, and for Totoro fans, it is a must. The only negative part is that the film was made specifically for the museum, so the only way you can see it is by taking the long trip to Japan and watching it for yourself!


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