Porco Rosso- The Crimson Pig

Studio Ghibli, in 1992 announced that they were bringing out yet another stunning film, by the name of “Porco Rosso”. Unlike many of Miyazaki’s films, the protagonist was a male, and also not human. But instead the head of a pig, the heart of a man. The film is set in Italy after World War 1, where Porco was originally a human pilot for the Air Force.

After Porco is turned into a pig, he decides that an animal shouldn’t work for the Italian forces, and decides to become a bounty hunter. Here he guards the Adriatic sea from bandits and sea plane pirates, while trying keeping a semi-peace between them. In the middle of this tale, we see Porco’s main love interest, Gina. Gina is the owner of the Hotel Adriatic, and one of the most beautiful women in Italy (as said by everyone who sees her). She is one of Porco’s dearest friends, and has known him since he was young, and still human.

The story then escalates to where Porco’s amazing red plane has been shot down by an American pilot (who the sea plane pirates have hired to “kill the pig!”), by the name of Curtis. He is a very vain young man, who seems to instantly fall in love with any pretty girl that catches his fancy, but this all makes for the comic factor of the film.

With Porco’s plane shot to pieces, he has to leave for Milan. To Piccolo’s garage, where his old friend can fix his plane for him. Here he meets Piccolo’s cute granddaughter Fio, who is only 17 years old. She is also an engineer, like her grandfather, and insists on helping fix Porco’s plane. There is yet another love story shown between Fio and Porco, as she falls for Porco and his charms, even though he doesn’t have an interest in her with her being so young.   The relationship between Fio and Porco is sweet, with him being like an older brother figure, and looking out for her. The way that he treats her shows us a great deal of respect still remains in him, even though he is still a pig.

porcorosso_01Fio and Porco

However, when Porco’s plane is fixed, he has to fly back to the Adriatic to fight Curtis to prove that he is still alive. At this point, Curtis is already proposing to Gina in his hasty ways, while she laughs and knocks him back. I won’t spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but towards the end, audiences are caught up in a very public dog fight between Curtis and Porco, and it is certainly worth a watch.

The film is one of those which makes you smile throughout, and I do class it to be one of Ghibli’s most amusing features, just for the comedy value. The witty script and jokes within do make you laugh out loud, and are definitely worth it. With the characters being a perfect reason to view in themselves, from cute and adorable Fio, to the rowdy and brave sea plane pirates, this is a definate one to watch in the collection.



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