‘American Psycho’- Bret Easton Ellis

If you’re looking for a good read, something heartwarming or slushy, then (not to sound negative) don’t bother with this one. However, if your more into your sick, gory and like your protagonists a little on the crazy side, then i say read this book and go nuts. Now, a year or so back I had seen the film and rated it a good viewing (one of the main reasons being that a really like Christan Bale perhaps?), but something in my mind was telling me that the film left a lot to be desired. The main character, Patrick Bateman is 26, a vice president of a company on Wall Street, and is very stylish. However, behind his good looks and charm is a serial killer, rapist, mentally challenged, cannibalistic   young man. He is very particular to detail, whether that being in his appearances, his preference in women, and more than anything his taste in music. So a few months back I decided to hunt around for the book, and eventually I bought it on eBay :]

The first few pages took me back however. It wasn’t anything like I had expected, and within the opening chapters I already started to understand Patrick a little bit more, and that was just from the hefty description of his morning and evening routines. We as the the reader are made to believe that he is a gentle man, perhaps a little TOO involved in his personal appearance and the appearances of others also. The book is written in the 3rd person, so we get an insight into his character more just by Ellis’s way of writing. But one of the things that started to annoy me throughout the book was his description of other people’s clothing, and how he always seem to pinpoint who it was made by; whether that being Ralph Lauren or Gucci, etc. I know it may seem a silly thing to get annoyed at, but after the first hundred times of Patrick describing his peers’ suits and the places they were EXACTLY from I started to get a little ticked off. But, that didn’t put me off, not even in the slightest.

American Psycho artwork

American Psycho artwork

Some of the more descriptive pages makes the book what it is. Brutal and savage. The sex scenes are very detailed, and if you get offended easy, then maybe these parts may turn your stomach. The way that Bateman describes his fantasies and what he does to the women he sleeps with could make your skin crawl, especially later in the book. There has only ever been one more book that has phsyically made me feel a little sick (The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks), but this one topped the ranks. However, no matter how disgusted I was with Patrick and his antics, I couldnt put the book down. While I was reading it, it was always on me, and that usually doesnt happen to me. Ellis’s way of using suspence and curiosity within Patrick as a character keeps you on edge. As there aren’t any violent acts in the first 3rd of the book. So if you are like me and have seen the film first will be a bit confusing, but try and overlook this, as it’s definately worth the wait.


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