Totoro Forest Project

After browsing the internet, as I usually do in my boredom waiting to go back to university, I stumbled across a very interesting website. After reading and studying it, I thought I should share it with fans of Miyazaki and Totoro :]

The Sayama Forest is located in Japan and is approximately 8750 acres. It is a beautiful forest which is said to be the main inspiration behind Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. The forest has been losing land since developments started in the 1970’s and 80’s. But in 1990, when it seemed that all hope in the forest had faded, Miyazaki set up the national trust fund for the park: Totoro no Furusato Fund, to help nurture and care for the forest and its surroundings. Since it has been set up, the trust fund has gained over 1500 strong members, and raised over 3 million dollars. The money that has gone into the fund has being used to buy parts of the developed land back from the city.

Totoros Countryside
The Inspired Totoro Countryside

The Totoro Forest Project is an auction and exhibition to raise money for the Totoro no Furusato National Trust Fund. The event will auction off many pieces of art work, created by acclaimed artists from around the world who specialize in animation and the fine arts.

The auction will be on September 6th ’08 and is held at Pixar Studios in Emeryville. Even though it is still far away for most people to go (me included), there still is a chance to make your donation through the online auction. But if all of it is too expensive, there is said to be a very detailed book of some of the art work available to buy online aswell (but there are limited amounts!). And lastly, a mixture of artwork will be put together at an amazing exhibition in San Fransisco at the Cartoon Art Museum, starting from the 20th Sept. All of the money raised within the auction will go to the trust fund for the Totoro Forest.

Here is a preview of one of the featured pieces of artwork, taken from the Totoro Forest Project Website, by Mike Dutton: ‘Sunset Sky and the Cypruss of Sighs’.

Mike Dutton

Mike Dutton

Check out the Totoro Forest Project’s website for more information on the artists involved and more updated information about the exhibtition and the auction :]


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