My own Totoro’s

As you might have gathered, I am a huge Totoro fan. Its hard to find Totoro toys or collectables in England, so i usually have to order them from other countries. However, one day, when i had my creative head on, i decided to make something that would be simple, easy and effective.

So i gave myself a few days to make my own templates, find materials and create my own Totoro’s and sootballs. The final result was more than i expected and I was so pleased. Even though i made up all of the measurements I think that it came out better than id have hoped. Let me know what you think anyway :]

My Totoro's


3 thoughts on “My own Totoro’s

  1. These are very nice! How did you make them?
    I like Totoro too, unfortunately i’ve never seen the film, but thanks to youtube I’ve seen some parts : )

  2. ah thank you :]
    i just drew out a simple template of them on paper to see if the design would work, and then after a few attempts i transfered the pattern onto fabric. Then sewed it all together and stuffed them!
    I was quite impressed they came out as good to be honest haha.
    ahhh you need to buy the dvd definitely, you will love it! :]

  3. ooohhh…. i need to try that! theres a website that has ghibli movies but i dont know what it is. i will comment again if i find it.

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