Pixar have done it again. An amazing, heart warming film about a robot left alone to clean up the earth after pollution and garbage have covered the entire planet. I had been dying to see this film since i saw a trailer on the internet a few months back, and it definately lived up to my expectations.

Pixar have a reputation of making incredible (no pun intended) family movies, and Wall-e was no exception. I noticed that it had its typical adult jokes, appealling obviously to teens or parents, and funny some what slapstick comedy for the kids. A mixture that makes a perfect family film.

The two protaganists; Wall-e and Eve are even more loveable than i could ever have expected. Personally I never thought that a talking robot and his love interest could be anything more than simple characters to be seen. However as the film went on, I fell in love with all of the pairs features and traits. Wall-e has his moments where you just want to pick him up and keep his as a strange mechanical pet (or that might just be me), and with the film revolving around him trying to save earth, I wanted to have my own Wall-e even more.

Not only does Wall-e appeal to children of all ages it appeals to adults too. Me and my mum watched this film together and she enjoyed it as much as I did. Showing that childrens films dont just have to have a target audience of the maxium age of around 10 years. If you are planning to watch this film, or are debating whether to give it a go, then i definatley advise it. With its quirky humour and intriguing narrative it will no doubt be one of Pixars most memorable films, along with Toy Story and Finding Nemo.



So, if i had to look at the film from a review perspective, then I really do rate it highly. The way that is it animated is beautiful and inspiring. With the characters capturing audiences and showing us that even a childrens film can have an environmental message within without being too overpowering. Therefore, if you havent seen this film already, go. Now :]


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